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family 24KB

A Family Picture taken in Baguio City

Mye & Love 6.63KB

My Cousin Mylene with my Sister

love 5.16KB

My Sis' pic taken on her 18th Birthday

peachy 7.37KB

My EX-GFriend from Laguna

apple, peachy & cherry 16.3KB

The Macapanpan Sisters, Apple, Peachy and Cherry


ever seen an Angel?

me, popo & marj 5.93 KB

Me, Popo and Marjorie, taken last Christmas

me & marj 4.90KB

Me and Marjorie, Hi Marj! we Miss u!

JeriLee 7.54KB

My new friend JeriLee Reyes, She's from New Zealand


Another picture of ME!

Me 5.21KB

My mugshot don't i look tough?