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Geez, thanks for visiting my home page I'm speechless (it may come a shock if I did). Thanks! Be free to feast on the rest of the page.

By the way, I'm Heherson Favis y Buencamino. You may call me Herson or Son. AMAniac (my "nick"), if you want. I had my name from a Philippine Senator. Its also from my dad, "HE", my mom, "HER", and me, "SON". Wanna name you kids after me be my guest.

I was born under the sign of Gemini, fun-loving people that's what they say. Also, the quiet type. My birth date, 10th of June 1975, turning 23 this year.

I play basketball na mala Rodman, even the temper, but certainly not the appearance! I sing (ehem!), Can you believe that! I am a good singer as a matter of fact. Only, I think I still have to develop it a little. My two brothers' got a band, Genus Creeds that's how they call them. I sing once in a while with them and play bass.

Right now, I am here at AMA CLC Marikina - it's a school i when to, finished at and now work for (that's where i got my nick ... "AMA"niac ... got that? Not "A Maniac", hehehe, big difference ehh!). Nothing much extraordinary happened except you on my page.